Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm on top of this one!

Tagged and I Know Who Did It! :)

If you read my post title for this post will make sense! I opened a message from Judy over at Joy in a Jar saying she had tagged me. So I'm like....NO WAY am I gonna come back to do this later...I'll certainly forget again! LOL I was tagged 2 times before. You can read them (or not - ha!) here and here.

This is the list Random/Wierd Things about yourself game - and here are mine:
1) Keri tagged Judy - then Judy tagged me - and both Keri & Judy say they crochet - and guess do I :) My great gradma taught me. I've actually been crocheting LOTS lately!
2) Everytime I hear the song My Jesus, My Saviour by Michael W. Smith I cry. I try to sing along...but I get so choked up it just doesn't work.
3) When I was like 9 years old, I had the end of my finger cut off! Gross!!
4) I LOVE animals. All kinds except bugs. We usually have a rat, but at the moment we don't. May Goldie rest in peace. I love those little creatures. I hold them, pet them, let them sniff my nose, let them crawl all over me. (so how many of you are creeped out by that! LOL) Right now we have a dog, a bird, fish, and a cat has us. It's a neighborhood cat that loves our house. See Kitty here and Dog here and here and Rat & Bird in the post here.
5) When I sit and cross my legs, I like double-cross them!! Like twist my foot behind and back around the other side.
6) I have pierced ears - 1 hole on 1 ear and 3 holes on the other.
7) Back on the craft stuff - I have tons of unfinished cross-stitch projects and tons more patterns and kits I've never started! Good thing that cross-stitch thread can be used for paper crafting because I have 2 thread boxes full!
I'm not sure how many we are supposed to I'm stopping at lucky number 7 :)

I don't mean to be a game-party-pooper, but I seriously have some stuff I gotta get done and I'm spending way too much time having computer fun. As you can see from my last several posts....I have no stamping/crafting creations on there. Hope you all understand :) That being said, I'm re-listing the people that Joy posted so you can go visit them and leave some nice comments on their blogs. Of course I will leave my name off the list! LOL. I recently ran across Judy's blog from a forum at Splitcoaststampers. Not only does Judy have amazing cards and crafts, but she has recipes AND pictures that are to die for! Just looking at the pics will pack on the pounds! ha ha. So go check Judy out and the other bloggers she listed. Have fun everyone!

Judy tagged these:


Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing your randomness! It was a fun read!!!

JAR said...

TFS these -- I had fun reading them!! And thanks for your sweet comments about the sweet treats on my blog!! lol

The Crafty Chik said...

Wow! You are one flexible chick in more ways then one! LOL!

Rachel said...

I double cross my legs too! But I hate rats, you are psycho! I would never let them touch me. Their tails...ew!!! What ever happened to your finger? Did it grow back?