Monday, October 8, 2007

Got Pictures?

Is it time to clean up my computer?

I was looking at all the pics I have on my computer thinking I really should get them saved on a disk. Does anyone else have this same problem? I have like over 9,000 pictures!! Not all of them are on the least 1/2 of them! So somewhere in my busy day I really need to save them before I have a computer crash or something!

Looking through the pictures I was thinking I could make some great scrapbook pages. I have never made a scrapbook page before. I always get stuck on some cute card layout or some other fun papercrafting project. I have bought tons of paper with certain pictures in mind that would make a great scrapbook page. Anyone else do this? LOL! Gotta love it!

Well...I guess I could post a few of my thousands of pictures and then I can say I have done "something" with them :)

Alisha my oldest daughter and her family
Jimmy, Kayla, James and Haylie

Sabrina my 2nd daughter and her family
Chris, Nicholas, Alexa, Brendon & Kylee

Rhianna my 3rd daughter and Robie
soon to be mommy & daddy

My son RJ is 17

My youngest daughter Michaela is 6

Of course family pets!
Jewel the Chocolate Lab is ours.
Jewel the Golden Retriever is a friend :)
Goldie the Rat and Candy the Bird

And just a few random pics for fun :)


Nancy Riley said...

Lori, what a beautiful family you have! I still say you look WAY to young to have grandkids!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Jenny said...

Girlfriend, you have a beautiful family and I know you could just eat 'em up!