Monday, July 9, 2007

Look...I've Been Tagged!

Well, this is new to me...being tagged that is. I make tags out of paper, but that's not the tags we are talking about here. I really never thought that "I" would be tagged! LOL I didn't think anyone knew I was out there in the Blogger World :) Thank you Marie - La Papeterie for taking time to visit my blog and tagging me!

Being Tagged is a fun thing that's going around on bloggs. What a great way to travel the "Blogger World" and find new site seeing spots! This is a great way to be inspired - and to help others get inspired. There are a lot of creative people out there.......go look and see. Don't forget to leave comments. Keep this in mind....

Stampin' UP!'s Statement of the Heart
To love what we do
and share what we love,
as we help others
enjoy creativity
and worthwhile
in this we make a difference! goes....TIME TO PLAY TAG!
This is how it works - I have to:

1) Post 7 random things about myself

  1. When I was little I wanted to grow up and be the Flying Nun.
  2. I have a tattoo - actually 2...but 1 covers the other.
  3. I like to watch Food Network - but never want to cook.
  4. When I'm driving alone I turn the music up really loud.
  5. I like ZZTop, Alan Jackson & Celine Dion -- and everything in between :)
  6. I weigh myself several times a day - then decide if it's ok to eat more chocolate.
  7. I make beaded jewelry - and have enough supplies to make a bracelet for everyone in town! That reminds me....I need to make time for beading.

2) TAG 7 other Bloggers (This was HARD to do because I just recently started to Blog. Soooo many people have already been Tagged already! In my journey I found some really awesome crafters out there! I also found some newbies just getting started as well as some that have been there for a really long time. So here are some places in the Blog World to stop in your travels. Leave your mark by posting a comment on your journey :)

  1. Stamp Till You Cramp
  2. Luv 2 Scrap & Stamp
  3. Karen's Kreation
  4. Hugs N Stuff
  5. Creative Juices!
  6. In the Stampin Business
  7. Nutmeg Stamping
3) Post the Tagging Rules (I believe the rules are the 4 items listed here)

4) Leave Tagged Bloggers a comment so they know they've been Tagged

Ok....that should do it! After looking at so many wonderful bloggs I'm getting off this computer and going to go play with my stamps!


Shannon McGann said...

Hi Lori, Thanks for tagging me! I'm so excited! I'll get right to it!

Jenny said...

Hi Lori, wow, you're a busy lady too! Do you work outside the home other than SU! and the candles? I hope to see some of your creations too!