Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Digs

I have a few cards posted over on the Our Craft Lounge blog. I'm featuring a set from OCL called New Digs.   During the summer is usually when people move.  I'm sure it's because school is in's the WORSE time to move! Can you guess why?

 Here's a peek at one of the card designs. Pop on over to the Our Craft Lounge blog to see the rest.  Oh...and while you're there...maybe you could leave a little lovin'.  Let me know what ya think.
Then I can show my hubby how wonderful I am! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!  He'll probably ask me "who's movin?"  LOL!'s just fun to make things! ;)


Debbie Corbari said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE all of 'em! I left some love over on OCL too! ;)

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Really? Really? People chose to move in the summer?!! That's insanity. We moved to AZ from OH in the summer. That's quite a rude awakening.

Bethany said...

very neat! I love the little envelope!