Friday, August 29, 2014

Coloring Party Paws Panda

Hey there! Today I'm sharing a tutorial on how I colored the Panda Bear from Crafter's Companion Party Paws Series with Spectrum Noir Markers. These pandas are soooo CUTE! And SUPER quick and easy to color!

Crafter's Companion Party Paws EZMount Stamp Set Christmas Collection - Snow Much Fun
Spectrum Noir Marker Colors: IG1, IG4, IG6, IG8, CR2, Blender

Step 1
I start with the cheeks and dab the spots with the Blender marker. This "wets" the paper, creating a base for the pink marker to "blend" into the paper.  It helps to keep it softer looking -- and prevent harsh marker lines. You can experiment with and without using the Blender marker first to see what kind of results you get.

Step 2
Dab on CR2

Step 3
Lightly dab with Blender to further soften the bottom portions of the cheeks. If you dab to much, just dab on a little more CR2.

Step 4
Using IG1, color in areas as show in sample. The face and tummy will be white, but I still add some color to create shading and dimension. TIP: I usually color one panda at a time. And, because I can color pretty fast, I color all the areas at once. You might want to start out by coloring just the ears, then the feet, etc.
I know it's hard to see where I colored, on the picture above. Here's the same picture zoomed in closer with the brightness adjusted down so you can see more clearly where I've colored with IG1.

Step 5
Add IG4. Don't over do it! You will be coming back to this color again.

Step 6
Add IG6. Again, don't over do it. You can always add more, once you get the first layer of blending done. TIP: Notice I didn't add IG6 or IG8 to the face or tummy area. Sometimes I might add a few touches of the darker colors -- but not until I've colored the entire panda. Then I decide if  I want added shading.

Step 7
Add IG8. This is the darkest color. Add little touches of it in the areas you want the darkest.

Step 8
Use IG4 to blend over where we colored IG6, IG4 and IG1. (Not the face or tummy)

Step 9
Using IG1, blend over IG4 and the uncolored white areas. For the face and tummy, blend where we colored IG4 and IG1.

Step 10
Use IG6 and darken more areas next to the IG8. Then, use IG1 and "dab" to create a texture while blending/lightening.  You can add additional IG8, IG6 etc. to areas that may need more. TIP: If you get a spot too dark, use the Blender and lightly dab or color to help lighten it up.

Once you've colored these Party Paws pandas a few times, you'll be coloring them so quick and easy. Spectrum Noir has 4 different Gray color families: Ice Gray IG's; Brown Gray BG's; Blue Gray BGR's and Green Gray GG's. My favorite for the panda is the IG series. You can try coloring with the others to compare and find your favorite.
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