Friday, August 15, 2008

The Magic of the Season

Gold Canyon Candles New Holiday Catalog is On-Line!

Wahoo!! Gold Canyon released the new Holiday 2008 catalog to everyone early this year!! It was released TODAY!!!! Guess What!!! We can start ordering from the new catalog RIGHT NOW! No waiting till Sept 1st! can still order from the Summer Catalog until the end of August. This is the first time GC has ever done this.

I love all the fall and holiday scents! Check out the on-line catalog and read the yummy descriptions using the zoom in tool. Look at these 2 Fall candles. Adorable! I love the Candy Corn in the cute jar. And I'm smells just like Candy Corn!

I'm so excited to see they are coming back with the Pumpkin Pie scent in the Pumpkin Jar. When the candle is done you can fill the jar with candy! One of their new scents I can't wait to try is in the Baking Line called Caramel Ginger Strudel. Yummo! They also have a bunch of new gift sets. Oh...and another new favorite of mine is coming back - it's called Toffee Drizzled Popcorn. I love it from last year.

Don't forget the low $5.95 shipping (see website for shipping details) when you order on-line. Can't beat that! You don't even have to drive:)

Are you taking care of your candles? Read my post for info HERE. Even if you don't have Gold Canyon's good info on how to take care candles.

Gold Canyon Candles Catalog - Summer 2008 (click on Our Products then click Shop for Our Products. To view online catalog - click Shop by Catalog)

Gold Canyon Candles Catalog - Holidays 2008 (click on View Our Online Catalog)

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Conni Frankl said...

Oh I tried their candles last winter, LOVED them, they smell so awesome!!!! Loved the Toffe Drizzzled Popcorn, and Black Licorice!!Off to check out you links to the cattys

Karen from PA said...

those candles are so pretty. I love candles, and especially love to burn them in the fall/winter.

JAR said...

Oh they look like they smell so good! I will def. be checking out the catty this week online!

And yes, that is my name with you on the HM challenge!! What fun! Have to work on my card today!! (Sorry it took me so long to respond - back to work teaching this week!!).

Jennie said...

Ooh, they do look like they smell divine! I think I need to check them out ;)

Jen said...

Yummy! Just hearing about candy corn makes me want some!

Debbie said...

Holy Crap! How cute is that candy corn jar???? I've gotta to check the catty out!