Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Seattle Pics

I couldn't help myself...I MUST share a few more pics from my trip to Seattle. I feel so very blessed to be part of this wonderful team.

<------- See that cute name tag...Geeta made those for everyone. Geeta is a mass production queen! She even brought everyone a totally cute treat that she made up. See all the name tags here and the treats here.

OK...on to the pics! Maybe you'll recognize a few faces. At least you should know my face...right?! LOL

Sherry is a me. Sherry came all the way from NY! As you can see from the pic...she is full of energy.

Here's Marianne from Copic. Little did we know that part of our Copic Certification was learning how to finger paint with marker ink! ;) Git-er-done!!

Linda is the owner/founder and lead designer of A Muse. She is one fabulous lady!! What an honor to meet her...and to be part of her crew.

Liz is also a newbie - she flew in from Massachusetts. Liz...and the rest of us...REALLY wanted to get back there with all those stamp!!

Friday night was the A Muse Cupcake Social. Here are some of the local ladies I got to meet during the Make & Take. Some A Muse Addicts in there too! :)

Here's Geeta and Julie. Thanks to Geeta, I was able to survive my first VMAA! Speaking of VMAA -- get ready for another one!! Saturday December 6th over on the A Muse Addicts Forum! JulieHRR (Her Royal Rubberness) is the A Muse Creative Teams Director. She has energy & talent that words can't begin to describe. She's 'DA BOMB!!

How cool to hang out with a bunch of A Muse Instructors and Designers! From left to right - Michelle, Emily, Lyndsay, Tisha, Tracy, me.

Here we were gathering for a group pic. I can't wait to see how it turned out!

I caught Katie with her hands in the stamp boxes! hee hee hee. She's such a cutie! :)

Dawn won't mind I say this (I hope) -- but her and I are new A Muse "oldies" -- as I put it. Figure that one out :) LOL!! But don't we look good! ha ha ha ha Dawn is the first A Muse person I got to see and hug in Seattle. I was coming down the escalator at the airport to baggage claim...and I spotted her right away! (even without her party hat!) How exciting!! The 2 newbie oldies got to hug IRL! ((HUG)) hee hee hee. Dawn flew in all the way from Wisconsin.

Well...that's it for now. You can find more pictures on the other A Muse Crew blogs. I have most of them listed on my side-bar.

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Lorie said...

Oh Lori...I'm so happy for you AND so proud of you! I can't wait to see everything you do with your new "celebrity!"

~amy~ said...

FABulous pictures! You are such a lucky duck to be a part of the A Muse team:)

Nicole said...

Very sweet pictures Lori! You are no "oldie" and both you and Dawn are beautiful young spirits. TFS!

Michellem said...

What a great weekend!! It was nice to get to meet you - your pics turned out great!

Dawn said...

Love all your pics Lori, except the oldie one! Ha! Thanks for sharing!

scoopy (Emily) said...

Hi Lori! Such a fun weekend - love your photos! It was great to meet you in person!