Friday, October 24, 2008

Sweet Treats

A Muse Goodies To Share

Earlier this month I made this fun Halloween Treat container. Super easy to create using my A Muse stamps, Papers and Ribbons. I even made the caramel corn :) Every year when October hits, I make several batches throughout the month of this yummy treat. Actually....I had to stash some so I'd have enough to fill this least till I got the picture taken! LOL Then I devoured it! I have such a sweet tooth!

This is one of the projects I sent in to A Muse Art Stamps in hopes of being asked to join their Instructor Team. Weeelllllll......guess WHAT!!!!!!! I'm now OFFICIALLY an Instructor on the Creative Team! Can you believe it?! HELLO!! I'm an A Muse Instructor!! YEEEEHAAAWWW!! (I'm sure it was the caramel corn that got their attention! LOL!)

I'm really really REALLY honored to be part of this team. I could go on and on about how much I love A Muse...but I would wear out the "!" on my keyboard!!! SEE...I did it AGAIN! ha ha ha ha.

I will be teaching classes at my local stamp store - Stamp Works. I can't wait to get in that classroom and share my love of stamping and paper crafting with others stampers. How cool is that! Well...I just noticed the time (aack!) and I better get off the computer and get some much needed rest. It's been an exciting week - especially working out all the details for attending the A Muse Instructor Training Event in Seattle --- 2 weeks from today! I get to meet Linda and most of the A Muse Crew in person! Click HERE to see a fun event that will be going on while the Crew is at the new store!

Happy Stamping...and have a great weekend!


Danni said...

Congrats!!!!! That is awesome!! I wish I could take a class from you!

Lorie said...

Congratulations Lori! You are the bomb girl! I guess I didn't realize that you'll be in Seattle. E-mail me when you'll be here and I can try to get over there to meet up with you. Well...that is if you'd want me too!

june said...

ditto congrats from me to you! very coolio project!

Els G. said...

Would you consider online courses!lol

Debbie said...

OH...My....GOD! CONGRATS GIRL! ACK! That is so incredibly FABULOUS! And holy CRAP that tin is ADORABLE!

melissa said...

This tin is ADORABLE!!! Great job!

jenstamps said...

Love this project Lori!!! I think I need some of these little paint cans for the holidays!

Congrats on the Creative Team!!! ;)

Jennie M said...

I *love* this little tin Lori!! SO cute!! :)

Heather said...

Ack! Love it! So adorable!