Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Somebody Feed Me!

Stamping Food

I told my DH (darling husband) the other day I needed to focus on getting some baby shower stuff finished. I was determined that "this time" I was not going to stay up all night the day before the event to get them done. So...for the past few days Mike cooked so I could focus on crafting. I didn't even ask him to do that...he just did! :) Now THAT'S LIFE right there....sitting in my craft room slaving (ha!) over paper and stamps while smelling something wonderful cooking in the kitchen. It don't get better than that I tell ya!

Mike likes to check out recipes from Dr. Weil. He had his eye on the Spaghetti Squash Casserole so decided to give it a try.

Yummy!!! It was goooooooood!! And it made 2 casserole dishes full so we have another dinner ready to go.

Here's a sneak peek at the baby shower goodies I'm "slaving" over. heeheehee Total FUN! I will take pics at the shower this weekend and post what they look like all finished. The shower is for my daughter Rhianna -- she is due January 22nd. It's a girl -- could ya guess??

I also have 40 more cradles and 6 more diaper bags to make for the following Saturday. Another baby shower for my niece. She is also due in January and having a girl.

I wonder if my sweet wonderful darling caring kind husband will keep cooking for about another week?! LOL


Melissa said...

Wow! Excellent job!

Jenny said...

OK.....I want to know what you do to make Mike cook!?!?!? My mouth watered as I looked at the casserole!! I'd say he's a keeper!!!

Rachel said...

Wow, this looks like a lot of work!!! How nice of you.