Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another baby?

It's A Girl!

Yep....another baby is on the way. Grandbaby #8 due in January 08. My #3 Daughter is having my #5 Grandaughter.

Take a look

Can't wait to hold this little peanut in my arms :) But if she cries.....off to momma! LOL

Rhianna and Robie -- Mommy & Daddy to be


Nancy Riley said...

Congratulations! You hardly look old enough to be a grandmother ... let along eight of them!!!!!

Jenny said...

Lori girl!!!! This is awesome! Thanks for sharing the ultrasound. I'm going with Leigh next Monday to "try" to see what the baby is! I'm so excited....maybe I can get one of the pics! Love ya!

Jenny said...

By the way.....your daughter is beautiful! Let's don't forget about the parents!

Corie said...

CONGRATS on the little one.