Monday, July 9, 2007

Do You Like Scalloped Punches?

I can hardly wait!!

Do you just LOVE all the new scalloped punches that have been hitting our craft rooms? Have you been collecting all the different shapes and sizes -- using coupons and looking for the best deals so you can have them all?! I admit it..I have!

Guess what -- our search is over!

The very first sneak peek of new Spellbinders has happened! If you go
to you will be able to check out
the first of many to come! Scroll down till you find the post. She has listed Tons
of info in her post!

If you don't have a die cut machine will want one now! :)

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Shannon McGann said...

Hi Lori, thanks for visiting my blog! I guess I'm lucky to have a basement craft area - it's easier to leave it a mess! I really like your blog - you've made some great cards!