Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sew Much Fun

Sock Monkey for Dad

For Father's Day, I made my dad a sock monkey and card. Yup...I sew :) Amazing huh! LOL.

And that card...check out the texture!!!

Is that cool or what! I took a scrap piece of the sock I used to make the monkey...soaked a little Copic Colorless Blender Solution on it and dabbed on top of the monkey. Since I colored it with Copic made a sock fabric pattern!! Git-er-done!!

After I was all done, Michaela had to give the little guy a test drive. It was so cute.


Yvette said...

I LOVE it!!! The sock monkey and the card! So very creative!!! :)

Lorie said...

This is completely fantastic! I love my sock monkey as a kiddo. Great job!

Susan N. said...

What a cute sock monkey and great card to match. I used to have a sock monkey as a kid, fond memories. Michaela looks so cute holding the sock monkey.

Dawn (flowergal36) said...

This is SOOOO cute. I grew up near Rockford IL and the first sock monkeys came from there. There was an old Swedish company that made the socks. This is awesome. Great job..

Jennie M said...

Oh my goodness, that monkey is SO cute!! You are so crafty!! :)

Frozenstamper said...

Cute Lori! I love sock monkey's! The one you made here is just precious!!!