Sunday, June 14, 2009

News from the homefront

Saturday at the Barnett House

We started our morning at a swim meet. Michaela got two 6th place ribbons - 1 for breast stroke & 1 for back stroke. Way to go Michaela!!

When we got home...Michaela went right away to say hello to Grace. Sad sad news...Grace had passed away while we were gone. Poor little thing :( We only had her for 13 days. She was not well from the day we adopted her. We kept her anyways...taking care of her & giving her lots of love in the short time she was with us.

As you can imagine...Michaela was VERY SAD. What's a mom to do? Go get another pet :) A friend of mine took us to a wonderful little pet shop (thanks Cynthia! xx) and we brought home not 1...but 2 sweet little critters. :)

As always...we gotta introduce Jewel to the new members of the family. We are thrilled to have Cookie join us. She is SO TINY and cute as them come!

And here is Angel - her name describes her well :) Michaela misses Grace very very much...but she is loving her 2 new friends.

Then...check this out...for dinner we had fresh corn picked right out of our garden. Michaela grew it for the first time!! Look how yummy! And they were just that. WOW! Talk about a treat!!! Fresh from the garden right into the cooker.

Well...there you have it...our eventful Saturday. Wonder what I'll do today....hummm....I know....STAMP! YEAH BABY!


Alisha said...

How sad for Michaela:( I told you that you always get the ones with issues. Now that you have two there wont be any fighting when we come over. One for both of the girls to hold!
Yummy corn. I'll have to do that next year. We should just start a farm with everything we're doing now!

sonny-italian-greyhound said...

WoW thats really sad:( But I am very happy that you got TWO new mice! Very cute names. And you are very lucky that you can actually grow something My mom and I have been trying to grow veggies for a very long time. It very hard to do that though if you live somewhere very hot like us in Hawaii:)