Friday, April 24, 2009

What A Wonderful Day

Zippity doo da zippity ay,
my, oh my, what a wonderful day.
Plenty of sunshine headin' my way,
zippity doo da zippity ay.
Wonderful feelings, wonderful day!

YEAH BABY!! We are goin' on vacation!!!!

Just thought I would mention case ya wonder why I'm not posting much during this next week. Now...I better get to bed...I have a plane to catch in the mornig :) TTFN


Lorie said...

Have a super great time!

sherryc said...

Have a blast and chillax!

Debbie said...

Have a wonderful vacation, Lori!! I hope you blog about it with pictures when you get back. :)

Sassy Crafts said...

I hope you have the most FAB-U-LOUS time. xxx