Monday, November 10, 2008

Sleepless In Seattle

I'm Home

Whew!! I got home last night from the A Muse Instructor Training in Seattle. It was an AMAZING trip! Many of us got very little sleep...especially those that flew in from the East Coast. But every second of being Sleepless In Seattle was worth it! There are hardly words to describe this experience. Being part of the A Muse Crew is not just being on a's being part of a family.

Talk about a room full of talent! WOW!! And the girls gathering all the goodies we were ROCK! We were giving them little slips of hand written notes left and right and they never once complained! Do you know how hard that would have been....30+ of us wanting everything under the A Muse roof!!! Even on my way out the door to leave for the airport...I grabbed 1 last item to add to my list. Crazy!

Here are a couple pics. I've got lots to catch up on from being gone for 4 I'm off :)


Dawn said...

Hi Lori!!! Miss you already!

Lorie said...

Oh, Lori...I'm so sad I missed you! I hope you can head back this way sometime BUT I'm thrilled that you had an amazing time and probably shouldn't have butted into that time anyway! Glad to see you back girlie!

Nicole said...

Lori it was so great to meet you! Although, I didn't get to chat with you as much as I'd have liked, I appreciate all of your help on the make n' take! You were so sweet and fun, I hope to see you again here in Seattle. Next time bring some sunshine from AZ! :) hugs!

jenstamps said...

You got some great photos!

It was so fun meeting this weekend! You have such a fun spirit!

America said...

wait, you were in Seattle?? I live here! or close enough to it down by Fort Lewis, WA. I would have loved to have seen you to meet you Lori! Of course I was incredibly sick with high fevers and pains so that wouldnt have gone over so well.... but still.... if you are ever over this way in the next 2 yrs, please let me know girlfriend. :)

Sassy Crafts said...

It's almost brought a tear to my eye thinking of how lucky you are - i so wish i was you. I have always wanted to visit any part of the US (well the non crime bits - hey!! blame the movies !! Honestly though - i'm so glad you had a fabby time (got anymore piccies heehee!!)