Monday, November 24, 2008

Carnival Fun

Gilbert Days Carnival

Saturday we took Michaela & Kayla (my granddaughter) to the Gilbert Days Carnival. They have this every year when the rodeo is going on. It was the first time for Michaela. Here are a few pics....but's a new camera and I haven't got it all figured out yet - so my pics are pretty bad!

Michaela is the taller one. Isn't that crazy how she is that much taller...but 3 months younger!

Sunday we spend most of the day getting all the Christmas lights and decorations out. We got all the lights up and the front of the house all decorated! Seems kind of early...but this was the only good weekend we had to get it done for a few weeks. We will "official" turn on the lights Thanksgiving night :) This is gonna be a busy week...getting ready for our usual Thanksgiving Feast.


Debbie said...

Happy Thanksgiving girlfriend! Cute pics! What's this about a rodeo? You actually have those things? LOL!

jenstamps said...

Looks like fun!