Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Cleaning

No pic today. Well...OK....I'll put a pic on here...just for fun :)

Meet the Naked Chef. Yep...that's his name. I guess it's a him?! ha. My dad was laying in the grass in his front yard and took this pic. Just one of the members of the family! ha ha ha ha. This pic cracks me UP!

I was actually sick most of the weekend...and just started to feel human again this afternoon! After neglecting my house for a couple days of being in bed (those of you with children know what I'm talking about!) I've got "Clean Sweep" on my mind. I seriously want to turn my house upside down and shake it...then start all over again! ha ha ha. I have GOT to get rid of stuff and clean! I'd rather be stamping!!

What does all that have to do with my blog? Glad you asked! LOL Actually...my e-mail AND my blogging need a lot of cleaning. I'm even thinking about changing to typepad. I sometimes spend a couple hours posting 1 post. That's just wrong! I get my post all nice and "perfect" and then when it's posted...I have spaces where I didn't put them...no spaces where I did put them...yadda yadda yadda. I've got so much going on these days with my stamping passion that I just don't have time to "mess around!" LOL. I'm getting involved with lots of new things too! WAY FUN!! More on that later :) I'm gonna see what typepad is all about. If it can cut my posting time in at least half...I'm movin'! Soooo.....if you notice things changing on my blog...it's cause I'm doing a clean sweep! (in between stamping of course! hee hee hee)


Lorie said...

Oh, have fun with that clean sweep...wanna do my house next? I don't ever have problems with Blogger. Just don't lose me (unless you want to!) when you move to Typepad! :o)

JAR said...

I don't have problems with Blogger either, but I know my friend Shelly does! I just don't want to pay for my blog! ;)

I hope you are feeling better! I was sorry to hear you were sick!

Shelia said...

Lori, I hope you don't mind, I have been looking at your blog for some time. I left you something on my blog. http://searchingforarainbow.blogspot

Rhonda said...

Hey Lori!! Sorry you haven't been feeling well, but glad you're better and hopefully back to your same kick-in-the-pants self!!! I know what you mean about wanting to clean house, start from scratch and get rid of stuff. Is there such a thing as Fall Fever??

Thanks for checking up on me, so glad you've got my back!! :D

Super cute pic. The Naked Chef is looking handsome as ever! :D

jenstamps said...

What a funny photo! LOL

I am with ya on the clean sweep but I need a nice long weekend to do it. Working full time and driving the kids all over town after work. I just don't have the time. I would love to just dumb the house!

Debbie said...

Sorry you were sick girl...but glad you are feeling better! OMG I have to do a clean sweep every freaking day I swear! That pic of the chicken or whatever it is is HYSTERICAL! He's looking at the camera like "WTF?!" LMAO!

So typepad, eh? I've been thinking of the same thing...but you can't beat that blogger is free. Once I start making money though I'll probably make the switch. But then again, maybe not!