Friday, May 2, 2008

My Lucky Day

Presents for ME?! :)

How A Musing
Last Saturday I participated in the A Muse VMAA Party. Anyone who participated and posted their cards had a chance to win prizes. Of course I checked several times to see who won. But I guess I didn't look close enough...cause I MISSED MY OWN NAME! Imagine how surprised I was when I received a package of A Muse goodies in the mail today!!

I received 2 sets of clear stamp - Circle Frames and Cowboy Frames, a 10 pack of Notecards and Envelopes as well as some matching ribbon. WAY CUTE!!

WAIT... Yet more surprises today!
Michaela made a cute Dragonfly pin and gifted it to me :) How sweet it that! Stamps and jewelry on the same day!
Michaela made this out of a clear plastic cutout. She used Crystal Effects and attached googly eyes, microbeads and glitters. When it was dry she attached a pin on the back. She did all this on her own. Then she walked over to me and pinned it on my shirt and gave me a HUGE hug & kiss and said I Love You Momma..this is for you! MELT MY HEART!!

So you truly was my lucky day :)


Teresa said...

Wow, lucky day is right!!! Congrats!

Lorie said...

How fun to get things when you aren't expecting it, huh? Congrats and you totally deserve it! I put your card and card candy on my blog today! Could you stop by and tell me which set the "F" is from please? Thanks!

Melzie said...

oh my goodness, I so am wanting that middle stamp set... can I bribe you?!?!!! :)

Brenda said...

lucky girl! those are some cute stamps and what an adorable pin!

Debbie said...

That is awesome! Congrats on your prizes & gift! The pin is BEAUTIFUL! You've got quite an artist on your hands!!

Jennifer Love said...

How totally awesome! What a faboo day!