Friday, April 4, 2008

It's beautiful outside

Gilbert Arizona - High in the Mid 80's!

Thought I would share a couple pics I snapped out in my yard. I love this time of year. Flowers blooming all over the place!
I absolutely love hibiscus! They are one of my favorites. Really tropical looking and so many varieties and colors. I have a hibiscus stamp on order from the Penny Black 2008 Collection.I can't wait to get it! My rose bushes have buds all over them. In the next week or two I'm sure I will be able to cut a vase full :)

Fruit is growing on the trees. These are apricots. We also have peaches and oranges.

And of course birds are singing AND BUGS BUZZING!! YIKES! Check out the HUGE BEE that flew in my front door as I was taking a picture.

I heard this LOUD buzz and ran in the door only to have this monster follow me in!! I waited for the right moment -- when it was next to the door -- and then quickly slammed the door shut! WOW that thing was big!

My hubby did this flower box for me on our anniversary. He had it all set up outside the windows in the craft room. When I'm crafting I look right out that windows and see beautiful flowers. I love it!

I also got my vegetable garden planted. Still a little more to do....but most of it is done. Hopefully we will have luck this year and get a good crop. Tomatoes, Zucchini, Peppers, Okra and more!

Happy Friday :)


diane mcvey said...

I am SO envious! Flowers already, and veggies???!!! I'm in NE, and my daffodils are barely thru the ground...UGH. You are lucky to have such an early spring! And a nice hubby to boot, that was so sweet of him to make that planter for you! :D

Danielle Lounds said...

ugh... you actually have plants growing in your yard already? Mine just looks like dead twigs! :)

Nancy Riley said...

There's nothin' like Arizona in April, huh! That's why we live here!!!!! Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos from your backyard ... I have similar sights in my backyard.

Jean said...

I miss AZ!! We have so much snow here where I live still.... Thanks for stopping by my blog. I colored them with prismas and the sympathy with copics and prismas.

Debbie said...

ACK! I have to tell you...I subscribe to your blog and I SAW the pictures in this post a while ago...and the bee picture totally FREAKED ME OUT! I can't get it out of my head! I am terrified of bees...and all bugs really. Good think I live in the north! (Doesn't help that I'm allergic to bees either). I just came over to check things out & remembered that you are the one that posted the BEE picture! ACK! :)