Friday, November 23, 2007

Did Someone Say Tree?

I got my tree finished!

Funny story. A couple weeks back when it was raining "Baby Showers" (LOL - ok...that was totally corny!) my daughter and I saw a couple CUTE paper topiary trees at our local scrapbook store.

We thought we would make a couple for baby shower decorations -- but that didn't happen. You know....we just ran out of time :) Anyhow...I started one for myself a couple weeks ago and of course had NO CLUE that this idea was going to be coming up on SplitcoastStampers as a tutorial!! So what's so funny about that?? was funny to me that it seems just when you think you are the only one with a idea of doing something all the sudden you see lots of other people doing it too. You know what I how you don't notice all the pregnant people are around you until YOU are pregnant! And I thought I was going to have this totally cute project to share with everyone and maybe a few for Christmas gifts. Now everyone is making them! Oh well.....

Here's the link to the SCS Tutorial Paper Trees.

Here's my Paper Topiary Tree creation.

The ready-to-finish topiary came from JoAnn's. I went shopping in my backyard shed and found the pot. The paper strips are 1/2" x 2" in 2 different shades of green Bazzill CS. I folded the strips over a pencil so they were more rounded instead of folded with a crease. Strait pins used to attach to ball. I painted the pot and saucer with acrylic paint and sprayed with a matte sealer. The bottom saucer is hot glued to the pot.

I'm thinking about doing a Christmas version too.


Shannon McGann said...

OMGoodness! These are just beautiful! I don't have the patience to take on such a long project - I like quick and simple, myself - but you did a great job! Thanks for sharing them!

Jenny said...

Lori....this topiary is awesome! I don't think I would have the patience either!

Danielle Lounds said...

Gorgeous topiaries! I've bought the materials to do one of the tree ones but we'll see if I find the time! I'm in awe that you made all of these!