Sunday, November 4, 2007


A Little Change -- FYI

You ever had comments left on your blog that are totally unrelated to what your blog is about -- like an advertisement or something -- maybe a SPAM kind of thing?? Well....I did and I don't like it! And I can't find any way to delete the comment other than deleting my post.

Soooooo......I changed the preference on my blog comments so they will need my approval before they are posted. It's an extra couple steps for me -- but I don't want junk on my blog - and I'm sure nobody else wants to read it!


Nancy said...

Lori, you should be able to delete the comment. Log into Blogger and go to your blog. Find the post with the comment you want to delete and click on the comments link. There should be a trash can at the bottom of each comment... click on it to delete the comment.

Jan Scholl said...

You might want to set your comments to moderation too. that way NO ONE will be able to post unless you approve it.