Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Anyone miss me?

What Have I NOT Been Doing!

I started a new post...but didn't get it finished. So here's a quick post just so I "feel" like I'm not out of touch on my blogging. I've been busy doing just about everything and then some. I'm not sure what all it has been....but it has been. Did that even make sense?! ha! I'm all moved into my craft room! YIPPEE!!! I still have personal touches to make and little things here & there. I LOVE to just sit in here and look around at how great this room has turned out so far! Today Alisha did come over and we played in here for a few hours on her projects. So now my room is officially "used" because baby Haylie spit up several times on the carpet...and little James had fun smooshing a BIG JUICY peach into the carpet as well. hummmm....what's a grandma to do.

Anyhow......maybe I'll get a card made on Card Day! ha!


1 comment:

Jenny said...

Yes, you are missed when you're not blogging! I'm so glad you had fun in your new room with your family!!