Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What have I been up too?

Moving during the summer - AGAIN!

No....I'm not moving. I've been busy this last week helping my daughter pack up her room to move out. She got her house keys Friday afternoon and we loaded up the truck with her stuff the same day and hauled it over to her new home. Now....I'm not a wimp...but this heat here in Phoenix along with the humidity....WOW! Seems to be a tradition for my family members to move in the hottest months of the summer. YUCK!!

Bedroom Make-Over

Now I have an empty bedroom. Hummmm - what should I do with this vacant space??? I KNOW!! My new Craft Room/Office! Ok...I admit it....I already had plans for this :) I'm finally getting my craft stuff out of the family room and the computer out of my bedroom!

So here is the beginning of the bedroom make-over:
Day 1 - Cleaned out room

Day 2 - Closet make-over

Day 3 - Pull up carpet and painting.
It's hard to tell the color in the pic, but it's called Rejuvenate.

Tomorrow the carpet goes in. Come back and see the progress :)

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Nancy Riley said...

Lookin' good, Lori! This has GOT to be so exciting for you! I'll be checking up on your progress!