Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Moving right along

A Perfect Match!

Check it out! How PERFECT the carpet color matches the tile in the hallway! I just LOVE how the carpet looks. As this room comes together, other rooms in the house are being transformed as I move things around to re-organize. After seeing how great this carpet matches the tile, I want to have the front room done in it as well (or family room - or whatever it's called - the room you see when you walk in the front door! LOL).

Day 4 - New Carpet

Day 5 - a little bit here....a little bit there
I started moving some stuff into the room. So there really wasn't a Kodak Moment for today. I did some shopping around for 2-drawer metal file cabinets. I didn't realize how much these things cost! OUCH!! They will be going under the counter tops I have planned. I got some ideas for my room from Nancy Riley. Her craft room is awesome!! Take a look at her space here.

Next case units. I'm going to set up folding tables until I get the counter tops put in.

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Nancy Riley said...

Lookin' good! Love the carpet! Thanks for the link, Lori!