Monday, September 24, 2007

Moving in

Don't You Just Love My Mess!

I've been moving things into the new craft room - and more things - and more things - and more things. I should clarify that this room is multi-functional. It's really the Office/Craft Room. I figure since there's more craft stuff that it deserves to be called the Craft Room :) I'm SO LOVIN this room!!

We got the computer all moved in an hooked up. It's a perfect fit I might add! I still have to get all the computer cables organized so they are more hidden. Those cords REALLY bug me! I've been going through papers (not papercrafting paper....paper work stuff from the "office" side) and trying to get organized as much as I can. I'm amazed at how much can be stored and organized to be useful in this room! I can't wait to actually sit down and create something! That's Michaela doing her homework :)

Here are a couple pics of the mess. Once I get situated I'll start working on organizing the countertop area. I need to figure out where I want the holes drilled for power cords. I need to decide on some wall storage items such as ink pad shelf and maybe some of the railing system from Ikea. I also need to get another chair.

I did find a shoe holder at Lowes that is PERFECT for my big punches! Anyone else use these? I would love to know ideas!

Another thing I'm really happy about is that when I'm in my new craft room hubby will be right in there with me when he is on the computer :) I'm also going to set up a storage spot for Michaela. Then she can put her craft stuff in her own special place. This room is a dream come true!

Here are a few pics after spending the day working on cleaning up things.

I'm sure I will probably re-organize things a dozen or more times once I start using the space and figuring out what works best. It's all good!


Melissa said...

Awesome room! These are some of my favorite kinds of posts!

Jenny said...

You go girl! You are gonna have some fun, fun, fun in this room. It will all come together just like you want it!

Nancy Riley said...

Lori, your room looks FABULOUS! Will you be sleeping in there tonight? lol! I bet you just want to "play" in there non-stop! GREAT job to you AND your DH!

Rachel said...

WHAT!!!! You have your own stamp room? I'm so jealous. Can I come over???