Monday, September 17, 2007

Can't keep track of days

Time Flies When I'm Having Fun!!

I had to think back on the last few days and what I have been doing. So to avoid mental strain (LOL) I'm not going to keep track of the days involved for the bedroom re-model. I have some other stuff that's going on as a result of this. The things that are moving into my new room have left other rooms in my house in need of re-organizing. I've got a LOT going on outside this wonderful new room! PLENTY to keep me busy and then some.

Day 11 - Shopping & Playing
Went to Ikea for more ideas on storage and organization options.

Day 13 - Bazzill Warehouse Sale!
Mom, Alisha & I went to the Bazzill Warehouse Moving Sale. GREAT BUYS on paper & more! We got there and stood in line with lots of other excited ladies waiting their turn to get in the warehouse. We waited patiently as we watched ladies come out with bags of goodies! I wanted to know what everyone had in their bags! Once inside we got what looked like pizza boxes. You fill the boxes with any paper you want that would fit in the box. A 12 x 12 box full was $20 and 8 1/2 x 11 was $15. We were like kids in a candy store! And LOTS of other bargains too! Check out all my goodies. This is NOTHING compared to other ladies. I even saw a gal come out with a shopping card FULL. I don't know where the shopping cart came from...but she was pushing it. Someone asked her how much she spent on all her stuff. It was like $500. I think we all wanted to be her! I could have SO EASY gone crazy getting goodies...but I held myself back and was a good girl.

Day 14 - Counter top Installation Day
This was not the easiest task....but with time and patience we got it accomplished. I love how this turned out!! These counter tops are awesome! So what do ya think of everything so far? Now I need to get the power cord holes cut out on the top. Sounds like another honey-do thing :)


Nancy Riley said...

Lori ... the countertop looks FANTASTIC! How exciting to know that you are that much closer to "moving in"! Great bargains you got at the warehouse sale too!

Jenny said...

Lori! I'm so envious right now! You will love the countertops! That's what I would love to do in my office/craft room! Maybe one day! I have 3 desk that I go back and forth with, but I'm thankful to have those! Love the look!

My Paper World said...

Just found your blog, how cool!
I look forward to keeping an eye on the development of your craft room! and your new stash looks fab too!