Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Even a 6 Year Old Can Do It!

Michaela's eeeeeek! Card
My daughter Michaela wanted to know why none of her creations are "on the Internet." That made me think about how wonderful our kids are at creating. They are so full of ideas. Watching them create is always refreshing! Their artwork is certainly worth posting on the web for everyone to see! I'm amazed how quick Michaela can whip out a card and be completely happy with her masterpiece. Maybe I should take lessons from her! HA! I just might get a project finished in less than 2 days.

Last Saturday we went to Stamp Works to do the $1 Make & Take. Michaela was happy to see she would be making a Halloween card.

She did most everything by herself. She ask me to cut the tight little spaces on the very top of the roof of the haunted house. I did let her try cutting with the x-acto knife to make a slit for the ribbon, but I ended up doing it because she didn't have the pressure to cut through the cardstock -- or maybe it was just me being nervous watching her try to slice with a razor! yikes!! So I made the slit after letting her give it a try. She did tie the ribbon, but it was a little loose so Nic (the owner of Stamp Works) fixed that for her to tighten it up. Everything else Michaela did all by herself. Folding, stamping, coloring, taping, adhering...she did it all. She did and AWESOME job! :)

If I recall...all the stamps used for this card are from A Muse Art Stamps.


Jenny said...

She is so adorable!!! Oh, and so is the card! I know you two have a great time together no matter what you're doing. It is fun to see those little brains at work! Tell her the folks from the web think she is doing an awesome job and to keep it up!

Tracy said...

Very cool, I mean spooky card! I love Halloween and your card is great! Keep Stampin'!

Carole said...

Macaela, you did such a fantastic job! You are quite an "Ar-teest!"

Lori, no idle hands in your house, I see! By the time it's Halloween, she'll be ready!

Is she going to help you do your Christmas cards, too? When she's done, do you you think she'd help with mine?

Keep stampin', you two! What a team!

Corie said...

First of all she is a cutie pie. Secondly -- oh my what a little stamper -- GREAT card.

CraftyEngineer/TexasLonghorns said...

This is awesome! Keep up the good work, Macaela!

Rhonda Maynard said...

Wow, what a fun, spooky card! Love that she did DTP around the edges in black to make it look like night time and the ribbon to look like the street the house is on! Very creative! :D