Saturday, July 28, 2007

People are looking at me!

Time to Celebrate!
The Fireworks are lighting up the sky!!
Can you see the HUGE smile on my face?

I just looked at my hit counter on the bottom of mypage. I'm SO EXCITED!

It's OVER 2,000!

I wondered if people were really looking at my posts. Actually, when I started this blog thing I thought if I had a couple hundred visitors after a few months that would be really cool! I could find some new friends to share with. Everyday I get on my computer and look at posts, pictures, read stories, get tips, get opinions, cry, laugh and get inspired. I wanted to share all of those "things" with other people out there in the world that enjoy what I enjoy. I'm so blessed to have family that I "make" look at my creations and force them to look at my blog! LOL :) But I know they haven't look at my pages anywhere near 2,000 times! That means others out there in the world are interested in something I have done...or something I have to say.

Whatever it was that brought you to look at my page...I appreciate you stopping in :) If you leave me a comment then I can go look at your pages too. I'm sure that SplitcoastStampers website has a lot to do with many of my visitors because I have posted a few of my pics there -- and I'm always looking and leaving comments on posts too. Anytime day or night I can go on SCS and poke around. It's amazing to see how many people sit up till the wee hours waiting for breaking news on something! We are CRAZY! I LOVE IT!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to leave me comments, checked out my posts and added me to their blog. I love seeing your work and reading your stories.


Jenny said...

This is a beautiful picture! You need to enter this in the photo contest! I come to your blog everyday and I do so enjoy your creations and what you have to say! Yep, us grandmas will pour our hearts out for the next few months I'm sure!

Nancy said...

Totally love your blog!!! Thanks for continuing to create and share with us!