Thursday, June 28, 2007

Storage Ideas & Tips

IDEA Great find at IKEA!

When I spotted these, there was no hesitation......I grabbed a set and knew exactly what I was going to do with them -- buttons & flowers! A set of 4 glass jars with screw on plastic lids for $2.99! What a DEAL! They are 3 1/4" tall. Set on a shelf, in a wire basket, in a drawer or whatever. How about filling one with goodies and decorate to give as a gift to a paper crafting friend - or use for a door prize. Now I'm thinking I should have picked up 2 sets!

TIP Recycle your Gold Canyon Candle Jars!

The same idea here with the buttons and flowers. These jars are just too nice to throw out. Standard (aka Heritage) Gold Canyon jars are classic and they all match! Some specialty candle jars add variety. The large Baking Crock jar is no longer sold, but I saved all my empties because I just knew I would find a use for them!

TIP How do you clean out those candle jars?

What I do is when they are done burning, I set the jar on a candle warmer. You can pick them up about anywhere...Walmart, Target, Michael's etc. When the remaining wax is melted, it's easy to pour out. Then I wipe the inside with a paper towel to get as much melted wax left as possible. Be careful because the glass could be hot from sitting on the warmer. After that I get my water hot in the sink and take a soapy sponge and wash it out. Soak the jar in a bowl of hot water to help remove the labels. Peel the labels off and remove any residue with your favorite sticky stuff remover. Last I run them through the dishwasher. The plastic ring around the lids can be removed to wash inside the mini lids. That's all there is to it!

If you have any ideas I would love to hear about it and see some pictures :)

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Patti said...

This is a great idea to recycle those candle jars!! Thanks for this! I'm definitely going to use it!!! :)