Monday, April 21, 2008

Thank You to Who?

I'm All Mixed Up!!

Ok....I just did the Arte Y Pico thing and I don't know if I gave the right bloggers recognition for giving it to me. I'm REALLY embarrassed!! I guess that's what happens when I let my e-mail messages sit in my mailbox longer than 24 hours. I swear I read them right away...and then think..."ok...I can't get to that right this I'll come back and take care of it" Sooooo.....I don't know what happened, but I'm thinking I messed up somewhere and I want to apologize for missing anyone who Tagged Me, Awarded Me, Recognized Me, etc. Please PM me if I missed you. I'm really really sorry.

Looking back through my comments I found 1 that I missed. Well...I didn't actually "miss" it...I "forgot" it. (ok...I'm hiding under my desk right now in shame!)

THANK YOU to Jean over at It's in the Cards! for the You Cheer Me Up Award. I used to LOVE watching I Love Lucy and The Lucy Show. (Right at this moment I feel as messed up as she always acted!!!) Jean has amazing talent and I love her stuff. You need to go check out her blog to see:)

Now...since I'm so messed up with these award thingies (like that word!) I'm just gonna give out a big shout to here goes....I'm shouting really loud so you all can hear me.....


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