Sunday, November 4, 2007

Go Go Go

This was an action packed day!

Saturday was full of excitement. It actually started by going to bed about 2 a.m. {yawn} Then....I helped set up for the Fall Festival at Michaela's school in the morning. Next we rushed home and cleaned up to go back and have fun at the Festival. THEN....we rushed home and changed for the Baby Shower....stopped and picked up the cake....dashed over to my daughters to help with the last minute things (well....about an hours worth actually)....and then the Baby Shower....and then the clean up....and then home about 10:30 to CRASH! Whew!! Did that make you tired just reading it? To sum it up -- "NON-STOP!" about a few pics to show off all the fun we had! Click on the pic to see it bigger :)

Fall Festival
Face painting; Cup Cake Walk; Michaela Won the Cup Cake Walk; Bat the Rat; Bean Bag Toss; Principal gets dunked!

Baby Shower
BABY Decor; Baby Bootie Favors; Cradle Favors and GIRL Chipboard Decor; Onsie Bouquet; Decor Pic of Mom & Dad to Be; The Food; The Presents (notice the baby banner on the wall?); How Do You Measure Up Game; Rhianna & Me; 3 Prego Mommies all due in January & all having Girls :)


Jenny said...

Lori! I love the pictures and you did an awesome job with the decorations! Man...ya'll had a feast at this baby shower!!

Nancy Riley said...

WOW, Lori! You worked your little tail off for the baby shower! Everything is so darn cute! GREAT job! You get "Mom of the Year"!

Sassy Crafts said...

Bet you didn't know if you were coming or going with all the work you had to do!! The baby shower looks