Friday, October 5, 2007

My 1st set of swaps!!

Awesome Cards - Awesome Stampers!

I got my cards from the Holiday Card Swap I did with Corie at Creations by Corie. WOW!!! Totally CUTE cards! All these other cards make mine look so plain. I thought my card was pretty cute until I saw all the other ones. Want to see?? Click here to see a slidshow of the cards from all 3 groups. My picture here certainly doesn't show off their beauty -- they look SO MUCH CUTER in real life! I will for sure do a swap again!


Melissa said...

I was in one of Corie's groups and I loved my cards too! Thanks for sharing yours!

Jenny said...

These are awesome....I know what you mean...they all make mine look awful plain!

Corie said...

These ALL were beautiful -- including yours -- I loved yours!!

Beth said...

What a gorgeous set of cards. Hmm, one is missing. Yup, that's mine. Can you sneak over to my blog and e-mail me your address; envies came in (tried a 5 x 5 style for the first time) and I'm ready to mail you your card. Thanks, and hugs,

Beth Norman